Usually I detest free clothesa€¦but in such a case, I’m most likely in arrangement with you. P.S. a€“ end are therefore uncomfortable.

Usually I detest free clothesa€¦but in such a case, I’m most likely in arrangement with you. P.S. a€“ end are therefore uncomfortable.

We entirely agree! Looks similar to “overly affixed girlfriend” The top will not assist that mattera€¦

“1 is a corvette” Holy fucking crap that is amusing!

The lady flash is actually kinda eff’d right up. Performed she slam it in that doorway? Won’t wish this lady to examine videos. “Honey, we talked about this. Place your glove straight back on.”

In which is actually she from? I am a recently single chiver and that I might possibly be honored to meet their.

1 Yes you will be. Great laugh.

Takes significantly more than a great look are a “keeper”, IMO.

when you have a gf and her only task is look fantastic, that shit gets dull real fast.

chivers wouldn’t see. they truly are also active pussy-worshipping.

someone demonstrably does not envision exactly the same thing. probably due to this jagged drilling thumb, wtf?? gross

you guys create just as much sense as an inebriated kid. prevent being douchie haters, and star are chivers

kcconewengland, their top says “keeper” and she just got dumped and she has to see a medical expert receive the girl flash jumped back in. wtf does not add up for your requirements?

HAHAH youre a clown. im grateful to say i actually know their and obviously youre drastically wrong. and therefore entire thumb thing, if you are THAT fussy, merely points to the truth that youre most likely a loser who is going to just exit to victoria secret index that your particular mommy orders. overcome yourself hater and then leave the chive if you are gonna be a dick

exactly how drilling difficult do you bring buddy zoned?

kcconewengland most likely has actually loads of photographs on the on his wall and simply rests there nude and rocking forward and backward wanting the guy could possibly be the girl people.

Completely wrong sir, i could merely hop out to images of goats and sometimes cat hair. Because you learn this lady however, exactly why did that jagged flash bitch have cast toward suppress anyways

Lmao I’m sure my personal flash is actually odd, I actually made an effort to create appear typical, it is called a hitch hikers thumb, genetic problems! And for the record i did not enter this into the newly unmarried, I’m certain John thought it was a great clothing and knows that i’m solitary! feel wonderful to KCCO he’s outstanding chap and that I would cheerfully date your when it wasn’t for the countless miles.

Chive On from GBR

friendzone level: cross country

that fine, but at the very least I could take delight in recognize i don’t have to shit on others getting some “happiness”. and thank you so much GBR, you certainly were a keeper

Everyone Else! Consume some bacon, posses a beer, and KCCO. It is not just what Chive means.

Mmmm Bacon, mmm beer

What’s it like to be a dumb drilling whore?

ImaKeeper you are awesome and incredible! Kristen could be the opposite.

Sorry regarding your unattractive thumb, if you would like making itlook normal you then should never bring thumbs up. Their various other hands are pretty sexy though.

Right. I shouldn’t give it but I happened to be pumped about my Husker yellow keeper shirt.. it is simply children thing!! thank you for relaxing straight down.. i love Chive much better in this way

Damn, you had going and deliver the Cornhuskers into this. I suppose you’re ok.

ImaKeeper, you KCCO really, i am sorry and restore any BSC remarks I made from you. But we nonetheless imagine your The united kingdomt pal are a flaming hypocrite.

Thank you so much men!! Aww theKCCO try reconditioned!! successful Fucking Hump time y’all, nearer to the sunday!! For that Kristen Hoodrat, illstabahoe hehehe jk but really You Will Find a tridenta€¦

Whether or not it’s the girl thumb you noticed then you can are interested some his along with his towels for your pink toilet.

yeah. because pink is actually for women. preciselywhat are your, 10?

definitely a keeper a€“ Go BIG RED!

You know how I know you are homosexual? You are making feedback about this lady flash.

My personal views precisely. In which tend to be these solitary broads at?

2 She squealed seriously, realizing that she’s old enough are mom of every additional lady on this subject number.

Dude that’s not cool! SERIOUSLY people.

I believe the woman is attractive!

Me-too and I don’t believe this woman is old. Something Dickbone in Jaw speaking about

did ur mother seem like that. dam i want check-out ur home! everyday!!

You would not know how to address a lady such as that !

You clearly were a new guy and alson’t met with the right of sharing some high quality time with a woman along these lines. She’d rock your little world and you also would never become same. Pray that your female increases into a female like this. Beautiful, confident, knows what she loves and knows how to please a person. Don’t get me personally wronga€¦ all ladies are crazy, but only couple of are worth the drive.

“all women are crazy, but just few can be worth the ride.”

Definitely some seem advice there.

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